Teacher Introduction:

Assalam o alaykum, My name is Alizay Sajjad. A little bit about me; I graduated with my AA from Bellevue College this year, and will be attending UW in the Fall. I am doing Pre-Social sciences and we'll see what happens from there. When I'm not in school or working I like to draw, watch movies, and very rarely read. I have a scary cat who's name is Billi, which from Urdu translates to Cat. She's almost a year old now. This will be my second year as a Sunday school teacher. Being a teacher is a rewarding experience because the biggest thing I have learned from the teaching experience is that there is more that I will learn from my students then I realize. Every student has a unique story to share and I enjoy being a part of their learning experience. My biggest goals as a teacher are too allow students to relate Islam and the stories of our prophets to their daily lives. I want to people to feel a sense of connection and community. Throughout the year we'll be doing a series of projects. An example of a project from last year was the story of a prophet project. Each student picks a prophet and uses a mode of presentation to create something unique. One student last year created a puppet show, it was super cool, very entertaining and everyone was thoroughly paying attention. I am very excited to be teaching at the Noor Academy this year, and I look forward to working with your student. Email me, with any questions, or suggestions. JazakAllah Khair!

Assistant Teacher Introduction:

Class Introduction and Rules:

Level 2- B

Weekly Schedule

Sat Jan 19 2019 We Learned


Mon Nov 30 -0001 We Learned

We learned new Lockdown drill procedures! Practiced Wudoo, and everyone was reminded of the 5 prayers. Everyone came up to me and showed me how to do Wudoo. We did our Women's Month Hero presentations. Learned name of All (S.U.B) Al-Wadood. Next Week we will practice how to pray iA.

Mon Nov 30 -0001 We Learned

This email is fairly late, and my apologies for that. We learned about Ramadan in class. Basics like what time do we rise for suhoor and when does the Iftar occur. We also talked about moon-sightings and how does that play into Ramadan. Laylatul-Qadr we talked about as well, but I will go more in depth for that one. We had art and Arabic as well. In art we created a crescent moon and star decoration that you can expand on with your child. In arabic we learned to write Ramadan, and reviewed Damma, Fattah, and Kasra.