Teacher Introduction:

Assalam o alaykum, My name is Alizay Sajjad. A little bit about me; I graduated with my AA from Bellevue College this year, and will be attending UW in the Fall. I am doing Pre-Social sciences and we'll see what happens from there. When I'm not in school or working I like to draw, watch movies, and very rarely read. I have a scary cat who's name is Billi, which from Urdu translates to Cat. She's almost a year old now. This will be my second year as a Sunday school teacher. Being a teacher is a rewarding experience because the biggest thing I have learned from the teaching experience is that there is more that I will learn from my students then I realize. Every student has a unique story to share and I enjoy being a part of their learning experience. My biggest goals as a teacher are too allow students to relate Islam and the stories of our prophets to their daily lives. I want to people to feel a sense of connection and community. Throughout the year we'll be doing a series of projects. An example of a project from last year was the story of a prophet project. Each student picks a prophet and uses a mode of presentation to create something unique. One student last year created a puppet show, it was super cool, very entertaining and everyone was thoroughly paying attention. I am very excited to be teaching at the Noor Academy this year, and I look forward to working with your student. Email me, with any questions, or suggestions. JazakAllah Khair!

Assistant Teacher Introduction:

Class Introduction and Rules:

Level 2- B

Weekly Schedule

Sat Jan 19 2019 We Learned


Mon Nov 30 -0001 We Learned

We learned new Lockdown drill procedures! Practiced Wudoo, and everyone was reminded of the 5 prayers. Everyone came up to me and showed me how to do Wudoo. We did our Women's Month Hero presentations. Learned name of All (S.U.B) Al-Wadood. Next Week we will practice how to pray iA.