Teacher Introduction:

Assalamulaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, My name is Haykal Mubin and I will be teaching level 2B this year at Noor Academy. I am currently starting my first year at the University of Washington hoping to major in Informatics. I am super excited to be working with all of you this year. Somethings that I like to do on my spare time is spend time with my big family. I have an older sister, two younger brothers, and a baby sister (who just turned two this past June). I also enjoy taking pictures whenever I get the chance. This summer I was taking pictures of landscapes and sceneries throughout my trip to Indonesia. I consider myself a pretty daring person, I like to do things that make my heart race like roller coasters and diving. The reason I decided to teach Sunday school this year was to show our Muslim youth the beauty of our religion and help foster the growth of Muslim friendship. As a kid, I went to Medina academy and also participated in various Sunday school programs. Building an Islamic community at a young age was very important to me and really helped me get through middle and high school knowing that I had a group of Muslim friends going through the same things as me. To this day I am still very close to many of the same people that I went to Islamic school with. I am excited to get to learn more about you all throughout the course of the year and I pray that we can learn a lot together inshallah. I look forward to meeting you soon, JazakAllah khair!

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Level 2 - C

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