Teacher Introduction:

Assalamulaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Sr. Amani and I am honored to be your child’s teacher. I have been teaching at Noor Weekend Academy for a year now and am excited to be growing in my teaching skills with you and your children this year. As a young Muslim American woman who has recently graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, my heart finds home in spaces that prioritize the pursuit of deen and righteousness in welcoming spaces. I understand how difficult it can be for our children to openly embrace our religion in hostile, non-Muslim environments during these troubling times. Therefore, whether your children - my younger sisters and brothers in Islam - are fully versed in Islamic Fiqh, Aqeeda, and Seerah (inshaAllah, one day!), or have yet to learn the stories of our Prophets (pbut), we will work to make our classroom an Islamic safe-haven. One in which we are not judged for being “too Muslim” or conversely, not being “Muslim enough.” Through learning about the beautiful stories the Quran and Hadith offer us, we will strengthen our deen together and by the grace of Allah, Most Gracious, become better individuals as a whole. “Come as you are, leave as you want to be” will be our class motto this year, inshaAllah. We will have many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead. I believe that communication is the key to a great parent-teacher relationship. I encourage you to keep an eye on the school website www.mynoor.org for class summaries, homework assignments, my contact information and class announcements. For individual concerns, I will contact you either by phone, send you a note or e-mail you. I look forward to a wonderful and productive year with you and your child.

Assistant Teacher Introduction:

Class Introduction and Rules:

Level 4-A

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